The studio


The custom made VOICEOVERS studio is equipped with everything needed to provide you with the highest standard of quality voice recordings and sound design. From the acoustics and analog front end of the signal chain up to the digital recording system at the heart of the studio, VOICEOVERS chooses proven quality and stability.

Main room

Our spacious and cosy editing room is fitted with a custom-built Duodesk editing desk from Vienna which houses most gear within arms reach. Multiple screens for dubbing, editing and monitoring are fitted to the wall and the desk and wifi is available to guests. But just as importantly, a great and informal atmosphere greets you, as well as that great coffee from Mr Clooney. We make you a great cappucino if you fancy one!


Vocal booth

The custom built vocal booth has optimal acoustics for voice over recording.
It is equipped with classic Neumann and Shure microphones, Sennheiser, Sony and Beyer Dynamic headphones, and screens for dubbing to video. It seats up to 3 people for various applications such as interview recordings, multi-voice dubbing or any other session in which interaction between voice actors is required.


Listening in

Clients and voices can remotely connect to the studio for long distance recording, directing or for listening in. For this we use Source Connect, Sessionlink, Cleanfeed, IpDTL or plain Skype.



For the gear minded, here are some specs: Avid Pro Tools HD System with 192io and Omni HD interfaces, Adam S3X-H and Dynaudio Acoustics monitoring, Procontrol control surface, Avalon, SPL and SP preamps, Neumann U87 and TLM127, Shure SM7B and Studio Projects microphones, headphones by Beyer Dynamic, Sony, AKG en Focal Audio, plugins by Waves, McDSP, Abbey Road, Softube, TC Electronic, Izotope, TL Audio, WaveArts, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, UVI and URS. Among others.

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