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VOICEOVERS specialises in voice recordings and sound design for all applications imaginable requiring spoken word. VOICEOVERS has been producing voice and audio content for a multitude of clients and projects since 2003.


Whether you need a voice over for a corporate presentation or a completely produced radio commercial, at VOICEOVERS you’ve come to the right address. We voice your e-learning projects, audio guides, corporate presentations, commercials, video productions, web,trainings, on hold messages, special events, dubbing, localisation, …and many more. Please check out our SERVICES page to see and hear some examples.

50+ languages

From the VOICEOVERS studio in Ghent, Belgium, but also in co-operation with studios and voice talents all over the world, VOICEOVERS has access to an ever growing Voice Talent Database containing professional and experienced native speakers in over 50 languages.  (And counting…) We can record your project in just a single language or manage your multi-language project in any of the 50+ languages we provide.

Additional services

Should you need a translation of your script, or a text revision by a native speaker? We can help you with that too. And we can synchronise the new recordings to video, to the original audio or to time code.

Experience and service

Combined with the experience, expertise and technical facilities, for VOICEOVERS fast delivery times, constant high quality, flexibility and service are key. Feel free to have a look at our past work at the CLIENTS & REFERENCES page.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You are very welcome.


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